Radiused and straight angle windows

Windows that are coplanar to the wall panel and door with radiused and straight angles, made with stratified glass on external sides and internal chamber made with extruded aluminium with anodised finish containing anti-condensation molecular sifters. Available in any size and radius, Padana Cleanroom windows can be customised on specific request.

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Safety glass

Padana Cleanroom safety glass is made with tempered Float glass with breaking hammer. The tempered glass shatters in many small, not sharp pieces, preventing injury to the user, guaranteeing maximum safety.

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All Padana Cleanroom windows can be customised with sizes and shapes on request based on specific design demands.
A choice of finishes, screen printing and colours are available, telescopes and filling for installations on masonry and plasterboard walls, shielding solutions with fixed, adjustable, manual or motorised slatted blinds.

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