All projects performed by Padana Cleanroom are carried out from the initial drawing to the final “As-Built” documentation. Every step is scrupulously followed in-house.

Our technical personnel, with specific and tangible experience in the sector, develop the projects on constantly updated electronic supports providing customised and exclusive solutions.

The work is constantly monitored, even during the installation stage, with the supervision and constant communication between the technical department and external teams, thereby optimising execution time.

Design by Padana Cleanroom: the right starting point for successful projects.

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At Padana Cleanroom, corporate planning involves carefully selecting and qualifying suppliers based on high internal evaluation requirements developed over the years.

To complete projects on time, Padana Cleanroom’s warehouse always keeps a stock of raw materials ready to be processed at any time.

The logical design of the loading surfaces and the efficient packaging system for safe storage and delivery are the last stages of the manufacturing process designed to achieve customer satisfaction, which is Padana Cleanroom’s corporate philosophy.

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With more than 30 years in the business, we have gathered a broad range of expertise which allows us to design and manufacture our cleanrooms while respecting man and the environment.

From purchasing only top-quality materials to achieving the finished product throughout various processing stages, each step takes place at our production facility and is carefully monitored by all those in charge of activities who have planned product manufacturing in detail.

At our cutting, filling, gluing, pressing, machining, assembly, finishing and packaging departments, our permanently employed staff is constantly updated and trained.

Padana Cleanroom production: customised solutions focused on craftsmanship.

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Padana Cleanroom’s commitment does not end with building a product, but with its correct installation. To finish our job, we have multilingual, qualified and expert personnel. Equipped and independent assembly teams who can install several projects at the same time whilst maintaining high quality standards, in compliance with current laws and good practices relating to the health and safety of workers.

With our instruments we can constantly monitor and update the job, guaranteeing communication with the company and allowing for a real time evaluation of any changes to the schedule and project.

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