Quality policy

Padana Cleanroom aims at satisfying its Clients’ requirements and expectations and intends to do so by creating and certifying a quality management system based on the UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 standard. Aware of growing market needs in terms of performance, reliability, safety, timeliness, flexibility and cost containment, it faced quality issues with the aim of constantly improving quality to positively respond to these needs and improve its position on the market.

Padana Cleanroom believes the quality management system is a strategic corporate management instrument and intends to use it throughout processes. This means it will commit personnel at all levels to work on building, implementing and constantly improving the quality management system.

To achieve this goal, it set up plans to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes by providing the necessary resources to implement them, along with scheduled periodical reviews to assess whether they are still suitable to reach the company’s goals in terms of quality.

Padana Cleanroom’s environmental policy

Compliance with current national and local environmental protection regulations.
Assessment and Improvement of its own procedures and involvement of personnel in environmental matters.
Prevention and Reduction of pollution caused by its activities.
Careful assessment and selection of suppliers and contractors.

Padana Cleanroom’s safety policy

Compliance with current national and local health and safety regulations for employees.

Promoting the involvement of personnel together with organisations, bodies, institutes and associations on safety issues.

Asking suppliers to promote, monitor and update their corporate organisational systems relating to safety at the workplace.

Padana Cleanroom’s code of ethics

Associates, directors, employees and people working with the company fully comply with current standards and laws.

The fundamental principles of honesty, transparency, confidentiality and responsibility are a fundamental element of the company’s organisation.

The value given to human resources and respect for people are fundamental and are supported and promoted with clients and suppliers.

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